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When it comes to bowling a consistent game, bowling ball cleaning is just as important as bowling lane maintenance. That is why we recommend that bowling alleys, as well as individuals, invest the time and effort to use bowling ball cleaner on a regular basis. At LMB International Inc. of Stockton, CA, our bowling ball cleaners remove dirt and grime from the surface of your bowling balls to improve ball reaction and improve scores!

Serious bowlers and bowling alleys are constantly cleaning their bowling balls, which is why LMB International Inc. offers such a large selection of bowling ball cleaners at excellent prices. While some bowlers debate which is the best cleaner, our product specialists are able to recommend the best one for your type of lane and bowling balls. As with all of our products, we endeavor to offer the best possible variety and quality in various quantities.

In addition to bowling ball cleaner, you will find among our products a full range of cleaning chemicals and equipment from the world’s best manufacturers. We also carry polishes, surface management kits, and rejuvenators at excellent prices that you can afford. Experiment with cleaner and equipment and find what works best for your facility’s needs, schedule, and equipment.

Our recommended bowling ball cleaner products are simple to use. Simply rub the cleaner onto the service of the bowling ball and watch it return to its original high-gloss luster, performance, and length. These products work wonderfully with your ball spinner, or simply on their own. If you are looking for product advice and information about industrial ball spinners and cleaners, please ask our product specialists for recommendations!

We have all of the nation’s best products, sourced and shipped locally in Stockton, CA.To discover the right bowling ball cleaner for you or your facility, turn to LMB International Inc. today!

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