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When you want lanes that sparkle and shine, we recommend Legends bowling lane cleaner. This product line features economical cleaners and conditioners that are safe, effective, and perfectly compatible with your current lane cleaning machine. Not sure which bowling lane cleaner to choose? Ask our LMB International Inc. product specialists! Located in Stockton, CA, we supply bowling alleys statewide with the quality products that keep bowlers coming back time and again.

Legends lane cleaner sets an ideal foundation for Legends conditioner. Bowling ball reactions are always consistent when you use this cleaner, an industry favorite. This aggressive product safely removes mineral oils from the lane surface, without affecting the lane finish; this keeps the ball from overacting when it reaches the end of the lane. When a customer is playing the game of his or her life, the last thing you want is an unpredictable lane!

Remember that lane cleaning procedures are just as important as oiling patterns. If you are using an outdated lane cleaning machine, please speak with our product specialists! We would be more than happy to recommend an updated machine for your facility. If you need the next level up, ask about Legends “Plus+” lane cleaner, which features a higher concentration than the original product.

As part of a successful lane maintenance program, in addition to bowling lane cleaner, we recommend using Legends lane conditioner. Helping to set the highest scoring records in the world of bowling, this formula was designed to solve oil breakdown and create outstanding skid, hook, and roll. Lane conditioner stabilizes lane conditions, lasting up to 40 games per lane bed!

We would be happy to help you find the perfect lane cleaning and maintenance products to give your bowlers a competitive edge through consistency.

To learn more about bowling lane cleaner and LMB International Inc., speak to one of our representatives today.

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